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2 years ago
That's a silly assed rap lyric,it doesn't even fit the video.The way she's riding the dick The video should have been at least fifteen minutes long because she has a nice big thick round juicy jiggly ass.
Hot rod 3 years ago
Dam baby
Great one 2 years ago
Why would you cuss the nigga out.. fuck the bitch a shut up... You must be mad that nigga, you must wanna be him!
Adam 2 years ago
Ima cum in her
woe 11 months ago
that ass look familiar
B dub 1 year ago
Nice ass
Boot me 5 months ago
Boy boy hell no this trick whole b****** and them b**** got save lives and dents I wonder if her p**** tight she got cellulite all in that s*** shaking my head
Boot me 5 months ago
Hanson l trick whole b****** he's all my f****** need to sit their ass down